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AB Studios’s expert team handles rotoscopy, clean-up, keying, match-move, composting, on set supervision & many more. Our clients get a quality boutique service collaborated with cost effectiveness. Due to our obsession to serve 24X7, many industries have made AB Studios an integral extension of their production pipeline. Any service can be channeled seamlessly through our global network for our clientele.

Our belief

“Efficiency is doing the things right;
effectiveness is doing the right things”

Peter Drucker

So We at AB Studios understand your requirements well enough to provide you cost effective services.


What’s your employee strength?

75 + and still growing.

Where is the work place?

We execute all the projects at our Mumbai based facility.

Have you signed Non Disclosure agreement with all of your employees when going through onboarding process?


What about weekends?

Saturday is a normal working day and if there is quick turnaround we don’t mind working on Sundays.

How do you figure out the cost for the work?

We calculate Man-days after reviewing the footages and on the basis of the treatment to be executed. We can also provide ballpark figure from an offline/ detailed description or based on frame counts. Final figures are always subject to final edit locked footages excluding the frame handles.

How to reach you for a bid?

Just click on “Place Your Bid” fill up all the details or you can mail us and we will reach you right away.

How does the footage transfers take place and how secure is it?

We use SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) & Aspera for file upload and download or else we download the files from your FTP – whichever is convenient.

What Quality Control/Check measures are taken?

1. Team lead (Periodically after every 2 hours)
2. Lead QC
3. Supervisor

Is your facility fully licensed?


Can you brief the security measures?

We build our pipeline on the MPAA security recommendation & ISO 27001. We strictly practice all the content security guidelines as per MPAA Content Security Program.